JTCC’s RALLY program provides a pathway for all adult players from beginners who have never picked up a racquet to nationally-ranked competitors.

Classes are designed for beginners, intermediate, and advanced play with league competition geared to each level. JTCC adult tennis is a win-win for everyone–a great way for participants to improve and to meet new tennis partners.


RALLY IN 10 is JTCC’s beginner tennis program that guarantees that within the first 10 minutes of instruction, players will be “rallying”:–hitting a ball back and forth with a partner. This beginner class meets twice a week for three weeks teaching basic strokes and service motion.

After successful completion of the RALLY IN 10 session, participants move into nine-week programs and leagues.  JTCC offers RALLY LEAGUES at each level of development throughout RALLY TO PLAY and RALLY CHAMPS programming. Players will be evaluated for placement at each level.

RALLY TO PLAY programs are geared to advanced beginners at the 2.0 – 3.0 levels with a focus on developing consistency in groundstrokes and serves as well as court awareness with the introduction of match play and to intermediate 3.0 – 3.5 levels with classes offering both singles and doubles instruction emphasizing continued improvement of ground strokes and serves plus strategic match play.

RALLY CHAMPS is for advanced 3.5+ players some of whom are former college and current tournament competitors. Clinics consist of intensive drills and match play. RALLY CHAMPS also offers fitness training designed specifically for tennis players.

CARDIO TENNIS is the answer for a fun, heart-pumping hour-long session of Cardio Tennis suitable for all levels and abilities.