CPTC personal trainers, group exercise and yoga instructors are available to answer your questions and help you set and reach your wellness goals.

CPTC’s Fitness Program offers a full range of activities for youth and adults. The Fitness Center boasts three dedicated rooms offering the latest in fitness equipment and space for stretching, strength training and cardio. Complimentary yoga classes are offered each week to introduce members to this highly effective practice.

Personal Training

Personal Training
CPTC’s experienced personal trainers are nationally certified. Their goal is to provide a personalized fitness session to compliment the needs of the individual. Whether you’re trying to improve your tennis or enhance your over fitness level, we will design a program to help you achieve your goals


Do you have workout buddies? Have you wanted to train with someone else or several friends and be pushed together toward a common goal? Training with a workout partner or several others has never been more fun and rewarding than when friends commit to a mutual fitness plan. Semi-private or small group training provides a schedule for improving your fitness and reaching your goals. There are various options for group training. It is not only cost effective, but more fun than working out alone.

  Members Non-Members


$30/half an hour



$50/half an hour


Complimentary New Member Personal Training

New members receive one complimentary 30-minute fitness assessment. Contact Tyler Delaney to schedule your session, help you set new goals, and learn how to safely use equipment and perform proper exercise techniques.


Yoga Practice PosesAttention all CPTC members!  Relax and enjoy up to five FREE yoga classes each month! Yoga is now being offered on Monday and Thursday evenings. Since the introduction of adult classes in 2012, CPTC members and JTCC parents have embraced yoga, and we’ve added an additional class to accommodate the demand.

Even with their busy schedules and hectic lives many “regulars” attend yoga class at CPTC weekly. Why? The answer is simple: yoga works! In a recent survey of CPTC yoga students, every respondent mentioned that increased flexibility was a major goal. Many cited tight hamstrings, hips and shoulders as issues needing to be addressed. Most are also seeking improved balance, core strengthening, and a sharper mental game.

Those who have started a home yoga practice of their own report they are seeing improvements on the court and in their lives with better balance, less muscle strain after playing, and improved serves with mindful breathing. Yes, yoga does work!

Join a class at CPTC’s yoga studio to explore yoga postures, breathing techniques, and practices to enhance mental focus. Yoga is a transformative practice.

Yoga Schedule
  • 6:00 – 7:00 pm Intermediate Yoga – prior yoga experience recommended
  • 7:00 – 8:00 pm Welcoming Yoga – for newcomers or those who want to review basics

Yoga ClassYoga teacher Betsy Mayotte, MS RYT200, NASM-CPT, offers yoga classes for CPTC members and also teaches yoga to young developing players in the JTCC program. In addition to being registered as a Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, Mayotte is certified as a personal fitness trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Her teaching reflects her personal experience of having married into the family of former world #7 tennis professional Tim Mayotte. Mayotte’s yoga classes offer tennis players of any level an ideal discipline to gain both physical and emotional flexibility, strength and balance. A consistent yoga practice matches physical and mental flexibility, allowing players to go deeper into a match, tolerate and thrive under stress, and bounce back the next day. And yoga is fun, too!

Register today by contacting Tyler Delaney.